6 December 2011

love love love!what with love??

ape itu love??ramai yg x taw ngan mendalam ape itu love,..kadang2 uw an..sume owg ase bingung even masalah sal love da settle coz dyeowg x taw ape yg dikatekan love!

                   LOVE WITH HONEST AND CARING,..
yup ,..uw yg penting n bab uw yg ley menguatkan ag love kte at seseowng,..

nie dy type of love!

Love is an emotion that nearly everyone has experienced at some time in their life. One would think that with such a familiar concept, researchers would agree on what constitutes love and how to measure it. That has not been the case. Most research on love is based on a priori theoretical conceptualizations. It's quite possible that if a researcher starts out by defining love and then develops a measure to quantify that conceptualization, the results would tend to reflect this process.

wah,..hebat an cinta uw,..ops,.x ley ckp cinta tp love,.

ag sedap bunyi nyew,,..
hargailah love yang kowg de n jgn sesekali kowg abai an coz ssh na cri yang sejati,..yang btoi2 jjur at kte n sayang kan kite like our family!

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  1. nape sgt jiwang nie nisa oit,..???
    simple2 da a,.tp na wat guane an ko mmg jiwang,..hihi